Making the most of human resources and productivity is a growing challenge for business executives and hiring managers. Having quick access to high-caliber talent is increasingly important, particularly when, as now, the demand for such talent exceeds the supply.

Westover takes pride in helping clients increase their efficiency and productivity by providing timely and flexible staffing solutions. Our staff augmentation practice specializes in providing a quick turnaround for high-caliber talent. We enable organizations to increase staff rapidly to meet time-sensitive project needs, fulfill workforce requirements for new or highly technical business initiatives, and add knowledge and expertise not currently available on staff. By providing top-notch, information technology experts, FS gives its customers the flexibility they need to achieve the “right” talent for every opening, quickly and cost-effectively.

FS has an unyielding commitment to quality and professionalism and prides itself in developing top-notch business solutions. Our high standards of excellence, extensive network of candidates, and effective pre-screening methods enable us to acquire the right talent for our clients expeditiously.

We attribute our strategic advantage to the following factors:

We supplement your existing staff to provide the intellectual capital necessary to accomplish critical goals with certified training. Our reliable and experienced professionals can step in quickly to fulfill staffing needs created by new projects, changing contracts, new business initiatives, or special projects or just simply to help reduce your payroll, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance costs.

FS can effectively handle the recruiting process and all associated costs, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business. We use intensive pre-screening procedures, tests, evaluations, and reference checks to clearly understand our candidates’ capabilities. Only candidates who meet or exceed our standards for excellence get referred to you.

We Go the Extra Mile:

We take the time to understand your requirements, your business, your project needs, corporate culture, and your corporate goals. Then we carefully match our IT consultants to them.

Furthermore, we don’t just try to fill a position any way we can, or try to be everything to everyone, at the expense of our client and consultant relationships. We focus on building long-term relationships and a core set of strengths to ensure you have the highest quality experience with our team, and that we retain the best talent.