Today’s business leaders know the inherent value of analytics insights for driving smarter decisions. And, today’s leaders have to consider the entire ecosystem in which they exist, including social, economic, environmental and political currents. That puts business analytics in the center of the action.
In an era of unprecedented technology, new evolving forms of expression and interconnectivity are readily available to consumers. This multidimensional landscape has provided consumers with wealth of information, but it also has created an even greater challenge for today’s marketers. At the epicenter is the need for the type of business intelligence that provides the insights necessary to make meaningful, effective connections with consumers.
By transforming massive amounts of data into an algorithm of actionable information, Focused Systems provides clarity to the chaos so that imagining “what can be” is possible. Our “investigative science” approach to evaluating consumer behavior provides the interpretation necessary to create valuable insights and customized solutions that anticipate how, when and where prospects will engage.
And because everything we do is based on measurable outcomes, Focused Systems continually monitors activity to re-evaluate and adjust the marketing mix to optimize delivery. In this way, we partner with our clients to give them the knowledge they need to make sound marketing decisions, tie every dollar spent to performance to best impact ROI and ultimately propel their businesses forward.
Focused Systems provides a comprehensive range of services — from profiling, segmenting and targeting to predictive modeling — through a set of proprietary tools:

Marketing attribution
Marketing opportunity assessment
Customer/Prospect profiling, including transactional, behavioral and attitudinal Customer/Prospect segmentation
Predictive modeling

Marketing measurement, analysis and optimization