Empowering Business by Leading Transformation

Infotech Prism delivers comprehensive enterprise wide computing solutions for both large and mid-sized businesses.

Quality, integrity and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and commitment. We are in business to make our customers successful. This is our fundamental philosophy. We regard it as a privilege to serve our customers and are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure they are 100 percent satisfied. All of us at InfotechPrism gauge our success by our customers’ success. We judge ourselves individually and collectively based on how our customers are fulfilling their management objectives.

This result driven philosophy is reflected in every aspect of our solution approach – from the software we select to our implementation and change management strategy. The selection of an enterprise solution requires careful thought and analysis. The software must meet current business needs, work with the installed technology infrastructure and mesh with operational systems.


At the same time, the solution must be able to scale for future needs and not require undue customization or maintenance. InfotechPrism technologists have vast experience with the leading enterprise computing applications. In addition, we have a collaborative and result oriented approach to change management. We take great pride in our ability to successfully implement best practice based solutions while minimizing disruption and maximizing ROI.


InfotechPrism solutions can be provided onsite or through our Advanced Technology Center in the United States and our Solution Center in India.

InfotechPrism Culture of Excellence

InfotechPrism is an independently assessed SEI CMM Level III company. Our commitment to quality and continuous process improvement yields very real and tangible results. Our commitment is demonstrated daily through the successful and cost effective solutions our consultants provide our clients.

InfotechPrism has developed a CMM compliant Quality Management System (QMS), which institutionalizes best practices for Quality Control. All InfoTech consultants and management receive regular QMS training.

InfotechPrism is very proud of the professionalism and integrity of our consultants. We work hard to foster a collegial environment that maintains the highest ethical and professional standards. All InfotechPrism employees know their opinions and values are respected. In turn, they expect excellence from their colleagues. It is this self-reinforcing culture of quality that has enabled InfotechPrism to build such a remarkable track record of success.



Founded by Zia Rahman, a visionary and enthusiastic professional.

Prior to embarking on the journey to build his own company he has served in leadership capacities at multinational IT consulting firms. (IBM, Sprint, DHL India, Verizon, US Airways, Singapore Network Services). Under his leadership the company has seen growth rate of over 50% in each year since founded in 2005 to reach 15+ million revenue by FY 2013.


Our goal is to provide global delivery flexibility for customers and provide cost effective programmers. We sought out to meet the increased business demand by setting up back office and offshore team in Hyderabad in 2009

We attribute our strategic advantage to the following factors:

We supplement your existing staff to provide the intellectual capital necessary to accomplish critical goals with certified training. Our reliable and experienced professionals can step in quickly to fulfill staffing needs created by new projects, changing contracts, new business initiatives, or special projects or just simply to help reduce your payroll, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance costs.

FS can effectively handle the recruiting process and all associated costs, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business. We use intensive pre-screening procedures, tests, evaluations, and reference checks to clearly understand our candidates’ capabilities. Only candidates who meet or exceed our standards for excellence get referred to you.

We Go the Extra Mile:

We take the time to understand your requirements, your business, your project needs, corporate culture, and your corporate goals. Then we carefully match our IT consultants to them.

Furthermore, we don’t just try to fill a position any way we can, or try to be everything to everyone, at the expense of our client and consultant relationships. We focus on building long-term relationships and a core set of strengths to ensure you have the highest quality experience with our team, and that we retain the best talent.